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AI Exploration






Such a big subject, it’s definitely been the hottest debate in the creative world. So let’s talk about it.

🟠 AI has undoubtedly changed the way we think, create and execute in our industries, especially in the design world. At first, I was reticent, as a creative our first thoughts on AI was “It’s going to steal our jobs!”. But after joining a Tech & Marketing agency, I’ve learnt to experiment and play around with some the best AI tools out there on the market. The key is find the right balance between AI-generated content and the human artistic vision. The emotional connection that an artist/designer/videographer bring to their work remains undeniably unique.

🟣In conclusion, this is my opinion on AI: 
It’s the coexistence of AI and human creativity that will bring out the best work in us. Not the replacement of the human input on a creative project, rather the partnership between these two worlds.


DEPT_Frame 0018.png
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